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JamesUncle wishes to take the opportunity to bring those skilled individuals in a same place where they can be found and contacted easily for any relevant requirement.


Any technician, electrician, plumber, CCTV installer, automobile technician, HVAC, Air conditioner (AC) technician, refrigerator technician, TV, music system technician, mobile phone, wrist watch technician, washing machine technician, sonar karigar, mistir karigar, gardener, private tutor, music teacher, cook, physical trainer, athlete trainer, coach, wall painter, artist, photographer, Insurance agent, lawyer, Income tax consultant, GST consultant, software developer, installer, domestic help, geriatric care person, speech therapist, special education therapist, medical technician, Lab technician, therapist, nurse, attendant, florist, priest, anybody - register today, and reach to the hundreds of people, who are in searching for skilled person like you.

Jamesuncle Mission

  • A common platform for all, where one can find the right person for daily household maintenance solution.
  • A Platform for service provider individuals to get searched and to get jobs.

Jamesuncle Vission

If we think deeply, every house is like a small industry – which generates lots of requirements and work opportunities every day. We all know, the list of requirements in daily life are quite long – starts with Rolling up bed through Use of toilet, opening windows, Cleaning house, Kitchen for Cooking all meals, Study & Education, worship & Pray, washing of clothes, numerous Entertainments, caring babies, extra curriculums, fitness etc. etc. until to say ‘Good Night’. Even saying good night demands to make sure whether mosquito protection is active and AC/Fan is working properly. All the requirements are dependent on the various household systems respectively – most of the requirements are being handled by the mothers and the wives in day to day lives. But when the household system broken down! Breaking down of any of the systems disturbs the tune of house - at least, until the problem fixed.

In the past decades, during the time of our grandparents, even to some extent for our parents, everybody used to know others in their locality; so finding the right person to fix any problem was easy. On the other hand, in today’s fast paced life we have very little time to keep contact in our locality and obviously face unexpected difficulties when a household system broken down. Then we have to spend much time and experience tension to find a single fixer. To have all solutions for the multiple household systems, we might need a “James Bond” in every house – James Bond is a myth and no one can ever have all his characteristics. But surrounding us there are so many efficient Ladies & Gentlemen available who are highly skilled and efficient enough to fix any issues in their respective fields and can form a real James bond if they are gathered together. Thus, www.jamesuncle.com wishes to take the opportunity to bring those skilled individuals in a same place where they can be found and contacted easily for any relevant requirement, TO BRING THE HARMONY OF HOUSE

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