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A Unique & One Stop Solution to all our regular Needs……

         The Breaking down of any of the household systems disturbs the tune of house - at least, until the problem is fixed.

In today’s fast paced life we have very little time to keep contact in our locality and obviously face unexpected difficulties when a household system is broken down. Then we have to spend much time and experience tension to find a single fixer. To have all solutions for the multiple household systems, we might need a “James Bond” in every house – James Bond is a myth and no one can ever have all his characteristics. But in our surroundings, there are so many efficient Ladies & Gentlemen available who are highly skilled and efficient enough to fix any issues in their respective fields and can form a real James bond if they are gathered together. Thus, www.jamesuncle.com wishes to take the opportunity to bring those skilled individuals in a same place where they can be found and contacted easily for any relevant requirement, to being back the harmony of house.

 Though the problem may be small, but to be honest it’s actually hard to get it done due to limited access to time and to find a right person within our known circles. We remain so busy in our daily routine that the simple household chores seem impossible to solve. Such is the story of "James Uncle" - the search engine for finding daily professionals within one's own locality (www.jamesuncle.com).

 From meeting our daily household chores of life to creating memories through photographers to managing accounts and taxes, visiting doctors to searching teachers, contacting babysitter to Panditji, calling plumber to looking for nearest mechanic on the road, finding urgent contact information in the emergencies - we all need to carry huge directories or to overflow our mobile memories with such detailed information and to update those time to time. Moreover, for fixing our issues we need to call a person from the nearest areas because we cannot expect a repairer to come from the other part of the City. Also a local guy is preferred considering reliability, availability and saving of time. So to deal with these factors, Mr. Partha Pratim Chakraborty, Mr. Siddhartha Chakraborty and their family members launched the unique James Uncle (www.jamesuncle.com) on 27th September 2018.


As we know our needs, the problems of our daily life seem to be very small but the moment we get into it we understand how tough it can get. Supposing an elderly couple living alone in a flat or a young couple living alone, can face plumbing problems to electric problems anytime. It’s very tough for both the families to meet up the requirement by their own. But with just a call away to 844 844 0131, all these issues can be addressed. James Uncle is that invisible angel which is available for 24hrs to bring out an individual from every problem. According to one's requirements, James uncle helps by providing contact information of several relevant persons within the caller's locality through Whatsapp and SMS. Then the caller has the full freedom to choose & deal with anyone or all of them.


To us it may seem that it’s very easy for James Uncle to solve problems, but actually it’s not the reality. To help and provide constant solution to others it’s very necessary to fill self with that kind of infrastructure as well. So, to solve their own family's similar requirements as well as to provide support to the society, the Chakraborty brothers started this organisation with some students Namely Reba Adhikari, Kathakoli Roy, Abhay Deep Mondal, Payel Sarkar, Srijita Paul, Uma Roy, Sujata Das and Sanjib Bhadra - who never ever had any idea of such works but who were very much digitally active by using mobiles and playing various mobile games like Pubg. Partha, Siddhartha identified them and found the potentials among those young & enthusiastic boys & girls. Partha & Siddhartha found the interests in each one of them and motivated them to take up the necessary training courses to develop their technical skills corresponding to the individual interpersonal skills of those boys & girls. Even Partha & Siddhartha themselves also got enrolled with various professional courses to enhance their own knowledge & expertise. With the philosophy that, to help a society, one has to be that much efficient. So, the learning process is constant in James Uncle.

 Through www.jamesuncle.com, The Chakraborty brothers, not only prepared some few young professionals but also opened the new window of generating huge employment opportunities for those individual daily-wage professionals who need to wait every morning in the local-tea-shops, near Railway stations, Bus stands or at some local road corners with the hope of "to be found" or "to be referred" to get a call for some jobs. Also James-uncle' appears to be significantly relevant in the ongoing pandemic situation where moving outside of home became limited for everyone and when the consecutive lockdown periods forced such daily wage professionals into more tough situation for finding daily jobs. It is the reality that, when person to person communication are becoming more dependable on virtuality, telephonic contacts are the more feasible and quickest way to contact or to be contacted.

 Today the team James uncle receives more than 100 phone calls daily with various requirements. And they are so happy to help each one of them. Inspired by Satyajit Ray's "Sidhu Jyatha" (Jyatha means 'Uncle') in the pre-Google era who knew everything, inspired by Edward James Corbett who devoted day & night of his life to protect fellow villagers, and motivated by Swami Vivekananda's influential speeches about fraternity for all classes of workers in the society, the name James-Uncle is fully justified, it actually acts like a guardian with folded arms to all who is in need of “JAMES UNCLE”.


James uncle is a common platform for all, where

     One can find the right person for daily household maintenance solution.

     A Platform for service providing daily wage professional individuals to get searched by customers and to get jobs.

 Though finding every professional in their respective locality, gathering them under the same platform and satisfying everybody's needs are extremely difficult but still Partha & Siddhartha believe the work is not-impossible. It requires too much time & patients. Team James-uncle' is dreaming for the day when all requirements of the customers can be satisfied with the needs of their local professionals easily and when much more daily jobs can be generated for all the individual daily professionals including but not limited to the various technicians, electricians, plumber, CCTV installer, automobile technician, Air conditioner (AC) technician, refrigerator technician, TV, music system technician, mobile phone repairer, wrist watch technician, washing machine technician, gardener, private tutor, music teacher, cook, physical trainer, athlete coach, wall painter, artist, photographer, Insurance agent, lawyer, Income tax consultant, GST consultant, domestic help,maids, geriatric care person, speech therapist, special education therapist, medical technician, nursing attendant, florist, priest, Panditji and so on.


We are excited to announce that one of the highly esteemed news agency, "The Indian Express" newspaper has recently published a big article featuring www.jamesuncle.com on their 6th October 2021 (Mahalaya) edition in sports page.

It is a big achievement for our team 'James-uncle'. There are lot so many hurdles on our ways. But still, achieving such a milestone again motivates us to not to stop and inspires to continue.

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